Staff, Drink, Hire 

We provide fully trained and professional staff, any extras you need to hire we can help…

Staff, Drink, Hire 

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£ 2.50 per bottle

Individual bottles of orange juice, apple juice, coke or diet coke

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£1.75 per can

San pellegrino sparkling fruit juice cans, coke or diet Coke cans

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£ 3.00 per bottle

Litre bottles of sparkling or still mineral water.

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£ 1.50 per bag

Individual bags of premium crisps

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£ 3.00 per bag

Large bags of premium crisps

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£ 1.25 per bar

A variety of chocolate bars 

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£ 2.50 per person

 Bite-size tiffin’s and flapjacks

*We can also provide you with disposable plates, napkins, Cups, and Cutlery
or for a more formal occasion, we can provide table cloths, all crockery,
cutlery, and serving utensils.

*We are also able to offer fully trained staff for your event as long as you have numbers of forty or more. Costs start from £75 per staff member for a four-hour shift.

*We are more than happy to advise on what extras you may need whether this is for a large or small event. 

Business Address:

The Chantry,

The Mayford Centre,

Mayford, Surrey, GU22 0PP

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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