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Breakfast Menu

Please note 

 Our normal minumum order  value is £ 50

Available as a individually packed breakfast

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£ 5.25 per person

Baskets of hot bacon, bacon & egg, sausage & bacon or halloumi, mushroom & tomato rolls with complimentary sauces & napkins.

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£ 3 per person

   Baskets of freshly baked bitesize breakfast  pastries; croissant, pain au chocolate almond, custard and cranberry.

dc653043 food

£ 4.95 per person

Lightly toasted sesame bagels with smoked salmon, lemon Juice & low fat cream cheese. Lightly toasted fruit Bagels with strawberry & apricot preserve.

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£ 2.75 per person

Add fruit skewers, A fruit platter or a fruit bowl to your order.

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£ 4.95 per person

Add fresh fruit jam jars with Greek yoghurt, passion fruit coulis, fresh mango & a crunchy granola topping and/or fresh berries, hazelnuts, fruit coulis & a crunchy granola topping.

Business Address:

The Chantry,

The Mayford Centre,

Mayford, Surrey, GU22 0PP

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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